The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Kendall & Liam



Kendall and Rose shared an incredulous look with each other as Spencer got up, not to deposit his plate into the sink, but to fill it with even more food. Given, there was plenty of it and it was probably for the better than he was stuffing himself with it; otherwise it’d end up as leftovers that the band likely wouldn’t eat. Still, it brought a almost wicked smirk to Rose’s lips and a giggle passed from Kendall’s, as she turned her attention back to the puppy she was beginning to love just like her own, with how much she saw him and how he acted when around her. Thoughts of not giving him what he obviously wanted never crossed her mind at all, she always planned to give him something from her plate from the moment she’d seen him following them around as they got the food. It was probably a bad influence and undoing Liam’s careful training, honestly, but his annoyance about it was only an act.

"So what if it is? If you don’t spoil him someone has to." She countered, evident in her voice that there was no room for debating over it. It was no wonder that the puppy preferred his owner’s girlfriend over his actual owner while she was around; she was always willing to give him love either in the form of petting or food. Rose made no notice that Spencer had parked himself closer to her except for a look between her and Kendall, and a barely detectable eyebrow raise and a glance at Spencer, which threatened to send Kendall laughing again. Lately she’d either been good, or bad; there was hardly any grey inbetween anymore. Kendall’s head held onto happiness - or swallowing sadness - with every ounce of its might. She had to train it again to balance the two, which, like the rest of this, was a long process. But the difference from then to now was that Kendall wanted to fix what was wrong, and travel that stretching road.

"Of course I didn’t really think you would, Mr. Romance. I knew Kenny would.” She grinned over at their drummer, then her attention was stolen by Spencer next to her, and it was obvious that Rose was anything but impressed. “Do you have something to tell us, Spence?” She asked in a lovingly sweet tone, tilting her head to the side, knowing that Spencer especially couldn’t resist her inviting demeanor while she used biting words. It was a confusing tactic she’d perfected over the years, and her eye contact remained locked with the club owner. Kendall could tell where Rose was steering it to go, and she’d rather focus on Liam than see how their sexual tension progressed. It was why she’d taken such a move to his food, nodding innocently at his question. Her mouth opened a bit as he took some of hers, glancing down to the place on his plate where the same dish resided.

She let him take her plate without fuss, hitting him lightly on his shoulder for the name he’d called her. She was pointedly ignoring Rose and Spencer, one of whom had just closed the distance between the other, Rose’s food sitting forgotten on the end table. “But I’ll just end up eating your food.” She told him as she leaned back against one of the counters, fork still in hand. It was in this same kitchen that he’d stolen her cup of coffee and they’d first dabbled into what their encounters were making them feel, and she couldn’t help but think about how far they’d come since then - with their fair share of backtracks and skid marks. She played with the fork a bit as he worked, grinning challengingly when he made eye contact.


“The point of having a dog isn’t to spoil him, it’s to raise him properly. Would you load your kid up with sweets just because the little one sat by your feet every time you cracked a bag of Skittles?” The volumes in his voice rose slightly as he began to get worked up, something that Kendall was far too used to at this point in their relationship. He wasn’t angry about the matter, not really, Liam just enjoyed arguing. Especially with his girlfriend. “That’s bad parenting,” he accused, picking up another bite into his fork and taking a victorious bite. The chatter between Spencer and Rose was nauseating to Liam, even though they were the ones technically sharing the holiday with a couple. “Don’t look at me like that,” he warned teasingly, retrieving the mirrored dish from his plate and eating that as well. “Yours looked better.”

There was no way in hell that Liam Foster would be caught dead sitting through The Notebook and the fact that the mere topic had earned Spencer a lip locking session with Rose was completely ridiculous to him. Of course Spencer had seen the stupid movie, he probably watched it alone for all Liam knew. It wouldn’t be a huge surprise seeing as that his best friend was a sucker for anything romantic in movies. Liam halfheartedly attempted to dodge Kendall’s swat at his shoulder when they both got to their feet but when she connected he only returned it with a laugh. Over the past few weeks he had nearly forgotten the joys of riling Kendall up and simply interjecting a few unwanted nicknames tended to bring out her pseudo-scolding.

Setting down both of their plates at the start of the assembly line, Liam stole a quick glance over his shoulder to ensure that they were out of sight of their oblivious best friends. Even if they were visible, they had left those two far too distracted to notice that they’d even gotten up and left them alone in the first place. “Why would you eat mine if you’ve got your own, though?” He inquired, returning to their plates and adding a few more sides onto each, only looking over at Kendall briefly as she toyed with her utensil before finishing his endeavors. There was no need to put on as much food as had been on before, especially seeing as Liam was mostly full at this point, and that both of them had a greater impulse control than Spencer. If he were being honest grabbing them seconds was simply a ploy to earn himself a sliver of alone time with his girlfriend before the unwrapping of presents began.

Instead of bringing the plates over to where she was, Liam abandoned them at the end of  her buffett and made his way over to where Kendall was resting against the countertop, removing the fork from her hand the same way he had her coffee when he’d first kissed her. There was a different kind of hunger behind Liam’s movement this time, though, one that could directly be traced back to his innate male instinct, and as he set aside her metal utensil away from them Liam inched closer until his weight was fully pressed into hers. It was the kind of close where he could feel the patter of her heart against his rib cage and it was intoxicating.

He didn’t want to care about what this holiday represented to him, or any of the other woes their previous days had held over them. Liam just wanted Kendall. Delicately connecting his lips with hers, he rose a hand up to her waist and slid his fingertips beneath the hem of her shirt, the coolness of her skin contrasting his hand’s warmth. Somewhere there was a silent siren trying to remind him of the boundaries between them, the same ones that had refrained him from pursuing this sort of touch before, but in light of everything Liam looked past that. To him, he had seen the deepest part of Kendall and not even that could phase him from caring her as intensely as he did. Of course he didn’t understand that there was more to it, Liam was certain he’d seen all  that she had caged up inside of her after sitting by her side in that dingy hospital room.



I liked that too. With my two favorites, you, and the Colonel. Ah, only alright! Should I be coming over more often? Excuse you, these are good movies. I can’t help it if your taste is shit. Oh, so now the truth comes out. Hey - stop!


You did good there with that one. That’s not all the things I like, only a few. Do you really think the guts and gore is going to bother me? I watch Supernatural and the Walking Dead. Just so long as you don’t pick some low budget horror movie whose special effects are more terrifying than the plotline, I’ll probably like it.

Don’t lie, Kenny, we both know that Colonel is your actual favorite. Sometimes I wonder if you’re just using me for my pup. But yes, maybe you should start coming over more often. We can send Spence off with Rosie. Oi, my taste isn’t shit, I just don’t like watching feel-good crap. It’s not realistic. Truth is out — make me.

You say that, but I’m pretty sure those are my only decent qualities. I was hoping it would bother you a bit because as far as films go that’s all I’ve got. You do watch pretty freaky stuff yourself, I guess, like that American Horror Story shit. That show’s twisted. Low budget horror with terrible special effects coming up! I think we oughta watch that one on Netflix about the killer tire. 

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You didn’t seem to need it much last night, and neither did I. I barely drank half of mine, actually. Are you like that every time we’re not together? Because if so, I’m worried. You’re supposed to pay attention to movies, Foster. Yeah, it do - …


Oh, I’m scared. Was It’s Always Sunny supposed to be payback for Moulin Rouge? That revenge failed epically, if it was. Hence why, I’m so scared.

I don’t think I finished my drink, either. Wasn’t really feeling it, honestly, I liked just hanging at home with you. I manage alright most of the time, for the record, don’t you worry your pretty little head. I might actually try to pay attention if you started picking better movies instead of all that hogey shit. But I don’t watch a lot of movies as it is. I only watch them for your freckled face. 

No way, It’s Always Sunny was just a kindness. I knew you’d like that show, it’s offensive, witty, and hilarious. All the things you like about me. I’m thinking about going with something real gory. Bloods, guts, the whole nine yards. 



We had better stocked alcohol at the house than at that bar. Oh, come on now, it was only a few hours. And that was a really nice kiss, now wasn’t it? After midnight you had full permission.

Then you can pick what we watch next time.

That’s true, I know my alcohol well. It does help that all I have to do is go downstairs and snag a bottle when I need it. Yeah, well, I’m fond of kissing you. Having to wait a few hours can be challenging. But you’re right, it was really nice. Except I wasn’t able to abuse that permission because you get too sucked in to your damn musicals. Good thing that permission extends to the next day, though, right?

It’s about damn time. I’ll get you back for Moulin fucking Rouge. 


"This was one of the first years I wasn’t dragged along to pull crazy New Years shit with my friends. I was at home, with our own alcohol, next to my boyfriend on the couch. It was a nice way to kick off 2014… New Year’s kisses are pretty nice."


Technically you were dragged out initially, but that bar was shit anyways. I’ll agree, though, it was a nice way to start the new year, I suppose. Except you made me hold out on kissing you until midnight because of that damn holiday cliché. Which I resent a bit, you know.

And that damn movie you made me watch, too.